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Rob presents using Apple's Keynote3 program and combines his scientific knowledge, his skill as a communicator and a visual package second to none to deliver the key messages in climate change and it's impacts, biodiversity issues, resource management and the path to Ecologically Sustainable Development. Because of his extensive experience and depth of knowledge Rob is able to tailor his presentations specifically to the assignment. Rob Gell’s speaking topics include:

"Welcome To the New World"

Changing weather patterns, bigger droughts, fires and flood, issues around water availability, concern over the price of oil, human impacts on the natural world and concerns about the planet's capacity to support us are the conversations of the ‘New World'. This visually graphic presentation will challenge our conventional thinking and investigate the new opportunities we will need to both understand and operate to in coming years. The concept of sustainability is now part of everyday dialogue, but what does a sustainable future really mean? How far beyond "business as usual" will we need to move in order to leave a planetary inheritance we would be truly proud of?

"Business As Usual Or Sustainable Business"

Examines the three key sustainability issues facing us today; resource consumption, biodiversity loss and climate shift. Ecological footprint analysis shows that we are now living off nature's capital not nature's interest and that the unsustainable use of resources, continuing loss of biological diversity coupled with rapid climate change is putting economy-supporting ecosystems at risk. What are our options for future sustainable development?

Climate Shift - The Science, Current Impacts and Options For The Future

Is our climate really changing? Where's the evidence - how do we know? Aren't there two sides to this story - who's saying what? Will there be impacts on business - are there opportunities too? What are our options and how quickly should we respond? The Stern Report, Garnaut, CPRS and other targets for emissions reductions.

Natural Capital, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

These three concepts fundamentally underpin our economy and all are at risk. The State of the Environment Report suggests that there's a lot to be done. Vegetation management and landscape reconstruction programs must be developed at scale if we are to maintain our biological diversity in the face of climate change. Can we protect our environment and continue to enjoy our high quality of life?

Water, Energy & Waste: The Keys to Sustainable Development

The current drought has driven a new focus on water conservation in the home and in business. Should water be our focus? Is there enough? What are our prospects for supporting our growing population? What are our technological options in recycling and reuse? How is water linked to energy and waste? Where are the opportunities to develop smarter systems for water management.

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